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Manufacturing under license from Frater Euro Electricals S.A Spain, Frater products are renowned for their quality, consistency and value for money.

GE Lighting (Exclusive Distributor)

is the professional division of General Electric specializing in lighting solutions all around the world.
GE was born from the invention of the world's first affordable incandescent lamp. More than a century later, GE Lighting business still brings light to the world, helping advance new technologies such as fluorescents and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before.

OZ lighting 

Revolutionizes the lighting industry with high-quality, energy efficient LED luminaires which meet optical, thermal as well as electronic requirements imposed on contemporary lighting solutions.


Looks back on 150 years of experience with light. As a manufacturer of technical indoor and outdoor lighting, Siteco today is a subsidiary of OSRAM.


For over 60 years, the Zumtobel brand has been synonymous with innovation, unique product and service quality and superior design. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. Aspiring to create the best light for people and the environment, Zumtobel provides customised solutions featuring measurable added value.


Develops, produces and market professional lighting solutions for public environments such as offices, schools, retail areas, industries and hospitals, indoor and outdoor. Our lighting knowledge, in combination with a wide range of innovative, energy efficient, environmental friendly lighting solutions, makes us a natural partner for the entire project.


proud of our long-standing reputation of providing solutions in homes, businesses and institutions, automobiles and a broad range of specialty applications.   Over the years, we've changed to reflect the markets we serve and the customers we reach. But one thing has remained constant - a belief that our ideas can make a difference in every person's life and that our products reflect a commitment to making our world more comfortable, more productive and more imaginative.


(exclusive partner)
The company SILL Leuchten GmbH is a Berlin tradition operation and a renowned manufacturer of lamps. SILL produces the light of morning for outdoor lighting projects with extreme Demands on the lighting technology. Here SILL sets with conventional radiators and LED technology major projects in scene. SILL stands for quality, design, innovation, production depth and individuality.


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